Sneakers Paint – Standars Colors

Tarrago Sneakers Paint is a water-based color dye specially formulated to change the color, customize or restore your smooth leather, synthetic leather or canvas sneakers.

01 - White06 - Dark Brown102 - Bright Red17 - Navy18 - Black29 - Light Brown39 - Medium Brown


Tarrago Sneakers Paint is a water-based color dye specially formulated to change the color, customize or restore your smooth leather, synthetic leather or canvas sneakers. Thanks to its high concentration of high-quality pigments, it has a high hiding power. It offers a high resistance to wet/dry friction and flexions, preventing the dye from cracking. Satin / Matt finish.

  • The box contains a 25ml. / 0.9 fl. oz. color bottle, a paint brush, an applicator sponge, a dossing cap and a leaflet.
  • As a water-based formula, it is not considered a hazardous product for the consumer or the environment.
  • Presentation in 125ml /4,40 fl.oz too.





Gives color

Product data sheet 25ml

Product data sheet 125ml

Safety data sheet

There is a wide range of colors and are divided in these following groups:

Color Chart

TNC01 Standard Colors

TNC02 Metallic Colors

TNC03 Mixing Colors

TNC04 Pastel Colors

TNC08 Fluor Colors

TNC09 Collector Colors

How to use

1. Clean the sneakers with the Sneakers Cleaner using the Sneakers Brush or the Tarrago Shoe Duster. For best dyeing results, use the Tarrago Conditioner.

2. Before painting, stir the content with the brush enclosed, until a homogeneous color is obtained.

3. Customize your Kicks:

3.1. Use the Sponge included to cover larger surfaces. With the semi-wringing Paint brush, paint one corner of the sponge and gently rub over with circular moves on the Sneakers.

3.2. Use the Paint Brush included for small details or customization.

3.3. Use an Airbrush, see the instructions inside airbrush box. Use the neutral base, to dilute the dye and maintain its properties.

The applications must be very light. It is better to apply several thin layers than a single thick layer. After drying the first layer of paint (1-3 minutes), apply a second layer if it is necessary, repeating the operation to match the entire color.

To accelerate the dyeing process between layers, use a hair dryer with caution (30 cm. minimum distance).

IMPORTANT: FLUOR AND METALLIC COLORS. Apply the Sneakers Paint no.1 (white color) previously to achieve a better result.

4. For optimum drying, let it dry for 12 hours.

5. Once the process is finished, wash the Sponge, the Paint Brush or the Airbrush with water to prevent them from drying out.


To improve the strength of this finish, apply Sneakers Paint Neutral Base, and then the Sneakers Matt or Gloss Maker for matt or matte o glossy finish. Fast drying 1-3 minutes.

Get your color

Sneakers paint can be mixed between them by using the included dossing cap to achieve the desired tone.


Orange: 2 parts yellow and 1 part magenta.

Violet: 2 parts magenta and 1 part cyan.

Green: 2 parts cyan and 1 part yellow.

You haven’t found the exact color you are looking for?

With the mix of our sneakers paint “mixing color” you can achieve a range of colors of the pantone chart.

Reasons to choose Tarrago Sneakers Paint

Resistance to friction

The most resistant to friction on humid conditions.

Resistance to flexion

Resists more than 10.000 flexions.

Coverage power

The best coverage power, less layers to achieve a better coverage.

Quick Drying

Dries really fast between 1 and 3 minutes.

Matt Finish

Offers a matt finish.


The most viscous; less time to prepare paint and mixtures.

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