The UGG boots that you probably have in your closet have been designed and made of sheepskin. Usually these boots have a fleece inside, a tanned exterior and a synthetic sole, in addition to having very prominent sewing points on the outside of the boot.

Currently, UGG has expanded its line to sandals, slippers, bags and even carpets, although its boots are still the most sold. Not all of his boots are made only of sheepskin. Some consist of denim, wool and even suede. While the suede is a soft and flexible leather, it gets dirty quickly and stains easily. The most advisable thing is that you clean your suede boots yourself to save the costs of constantly taking your shoes to a dry cleaner.

  1. Rub the entire exterior of each boot with a 100% cotton towel, like the ones you use in the bathroom. This will make the leather blurrier and will loosen dry spots.
  2. Rub the small, dry spots with the Tarrago Cleaner Block. Brush the surface with Tarrago De Luxe Brush. For small, wet spots, dry gently with a paper towel.

If there are larger spots that do not come out with the Tarrago Cleaner Block, you can scrape a metal nail file against them. This procedure is very aggressive and could cause damage at startup; only proceed at your own risk and with care. If you solve it with our products, it would be better to pass this point.

  1. There are two procedures that can lead to a great result, choose the one you prefer, both are good:

3a.- Dampen a soft cloth and pour Tarrago Universal Cleaner evenly over the cloth. Rub the cloth against the stain until it disappears. Gently run the fabric over the outside of the entire boot so that it has a consistent appearance.

3b.- You can also apply the Tarrago Nubuck Suede Cleaner applicator to clean the entire boot. Keep in mind that you should proceed throughout the boot, if you do it only on the spot, a round mark may appear as if it were a major spot. In fact, the cleaner is making the stain and dirt disappear, so you will see the original color. That is why it is necessary to start with the stain and continue the entire boot. This applicator is a wet cleaner, so it is necessary to let it dry naturally.

3c. If you are looking for a quick dry cleaning, you can use the Tarrago Suede Dry Cleaner. For more information about it you can read this post.

4.- Brush with Tarrago De Luxe Brush specifically for suede. Pass the brush in the direction of the hair. Be very careful not to attack the chamois hair, this procedure should be done very gently.

5.- For better maintenance and protection, regularly use the Tarrago Suede Renovator Spray in the color of your boots. This will renew the color and give an additional waterproofing protection to your beautiful boots. You should always apply it on the clean surface for best results.

6.- If you do not want to give color, but if waterproofing against future water and stains of wine, oil, or other liquids remember to spray the Tarrago Universal Protector or Tarrago High Tech Nano Protector spray.