High Tech Nano Protector Spray


Offers an innovative top-class protection based on revolutionary Nanotechnology. When impregnation has been applied, the individual fibers are covered by NANO elements, and the fibers themselves become much more water and dirt repellent. Water and dirt will not adhere to the fibers and will instead run off like pearls (called the “lotus effect”).

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Tarrago Nano Protector provides an innovative top‐class protection based on the revolutionary Nano Technology. Thanks to its “intelligent” fluorocarbon polymer, when the product is applied, it creates the known “Lotus flower effect”, an invisible layer that protects the surface making that all the small particles like water, oil or fat do not remain on the surface but they slide down like small drops.

Large amounts of dirt can then be easily removed afterwards. Materials stay breathable and, when regularly used, their surface stays like new for longer.

Recommended for High-Tech membranes due to the fact that it allows breathability.

By using regularly, Tarrago Nano Protector preserves the breathability of the materials and these looks like new much longer.

– Colorless spray.

– Available in two formats: 250ml/8,80 fl.oz and 400ml/14,08 fl.oz.

1 – Brush the surface

2 – Shake the container before using it.

3 – Spray abundantly and evenly over a dry and clean surface, from a distance of 30 cm. approximately.

4 – Let it dry 30 minutes.

*Not suitable for: metalized leather and patent leather.




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