One of the biggest problems today when we buy new footwear is the adaptation that suffer the foot and the shoe as well. To soften our shoes and adapt them to the shape of our feet, there are some curious methods.
The most used method is to soak the shoe in alcohol with a cotton, another one could be to introduce, the shoe in a bag and freeze it for 24/48 hours, all this methods, put in risk our shoes, but if it is footwear of suede
or nubuck, high quality leather, patent leather or satin, the damage increases, creating deformities in the material, cracks, or tears in the seams.
To soften and widen any type of shoes, boots, ankle boots, sports or mountain shoes, which cause pain in the feet, for Tarrago, it is advisable to anticipate possible pain to avoid even blisters or chafing.
The ideal is to mold the shoes to the shapes of our feet with some time… with patience and with the use of Tarrago Shoe Stretch -a dilator for footwear- to facilitate said adaptation.
In the afternoon, or at night, when we return from work and when our feet are the most swollen, we put on our new shoes for about 30 minutes.
You just have to vaporize a little product inside the shoe and put it on right away and walk with them for a few minutes so that it adapts to the foot.
The Tarrago Shoe Strech is product that widens and softens the leather, making the shoe fit comfortably to the foot, indicated for all types of leather, suede or nubuck.
As it is a colorless product, there is no need to fear that it will leave spots or circles once applied. It does not produce any odour, it is very fresh and it is not dangerous for our skin. It is used on all types of leather,
suede and nubuck shoes, sneakers or mountain boots.
Must be used in a clean shoe. If the result is not the desired one after having carried out the operation once, it can be repeated until a perfect adaptation is achieved.