Since this worldwide coronavirus pandemic began, we have seen the need to take more care of our health, the cleanliness of our spaces and also our clothing, shoes and accessories.

Beyond information overload that we live on a daily basis about the importance of staying at home, washing hands and the frequent use of disinfectant gels, we just want to contribute something that we consider important.

And we refer to that moment when we leave home with our mobile phone and other accessories such as a handbag, which could collect bacteria and introduce them to our safe space in our homes.

Our clothing accessories such as shoes, handbags, and wallets can harbor up to 10,000 types of bacteria.

In the case of shoes this is because they are in continuous contact with the ground, so it is not surprising then the importance of maintaining not only the surface of the shoes but the sole.

Then we have the case of our hand items, the most used being our bags, which we often place on tables, floors and public spaces in general. This situation of harboring dirt is increased in textures such as leather, which creates the perfect conditions for the cultivation of bacteria.

That is why it never hurts to recommend the basic steps for cleaning and protecting leather:

Step 1: Cleaning

We already know that, for regular and superficial cleaning maintenance, a brush or hoe duster is necessary. In this case we will talk about thorough cleaning.
For cleaning all materials: leather, synthetic leather, suede, nubuck, textiles, canvas and all those that do not have a very delicate finish, we recommend two cleaners, which achieve total cleaning efficiency without damaging the textures.

First is the Tarrago Shampoo, which is ideal if you like foam cleansers. The trick is to slightly moisten the area to be cleaned, then apply the foam, rub with the most suitable brush and remove the foam. You can repeat the action if necessary.
The best thing about the shampoo is that you can also apply it on sofas, jackets, and other accessories easily.

And the second is the Tarrago Universal Cleaner, which is a soap-generating solution that moistens the surface and must be removed with a moistened shoe duster.
It is always better to mix it with water. The point in favor of the Universal Cleaner is that if you use it only works as a stain remover.

Step 2: Protection

It is important to emphasize that protection is always recommended. Why? Because it definitely prolongs the life of our accessories.
The Universal Protector creates a film that prevents liquids such as water, wine or oil from penetrating the leather and causing spots; but at the same time, it allows the surface (if it is natural) to continue “breathing” so does not affect breathability. Therefore, the protector does not prevent bacteria, for this we must always clean.

If you have any questions about our cleaning products, our comment box is always open for doubts.