Quick Color

A high opacity repair dye which restores the color and effectively covers scuffed and damaged areas of shoes. Prior removal of the leather finishing is not required. Gives excellent coverage, resistance to smearing while leaving the leather soft and supple to the touch. For leather, synthetic leather and canvas. Not suitable for suede, nubuck and similar materials.

06 - Dark Brown102 - Bright Red17 - Navy18 - Black39 - Medium Brown09 - Amber Brown12 - Red123 - Gabardine24 - Rose31 - Lemon33 - Dark Green36 - Ivory43 - Pale Mauve47 - Dark Taupe Gray49 - Cognac501 - Silver502 - Antique Silver503 - Gold504 - Old Gold506 - Platinum507 - High Gold52 - Nevada53 - Shell54 - Aubergine56 - Morello Cherry601 - White602 - Oyster604 - Smoke605 - Parchment606 - Dark Beige607 - String608 - Camel609 - Lion610 - Sand-Coloured612 - Wood613 - Cocoa616 - Lemon Cream617 - Sulphur618 - Stem619 - Yellow Ochre620 - Amber621 - Apricot622 - Tigerlily623 - Rose Cloud624 - Pale Pink625 - Orchid626 - Wild Rose627 - Carmine630 - Prune631 - Wine632 - Lavender633 - Purple634 - Mulberry Purple635 - Ice Blue636 - Sky637 - Aquamarine638 - Baby Blue639 - Stewardess640 - Classic Blue641 - Overseas642 - Blue644 - Caribbean Blue645 - Turquoise646 - Lint647 - Willow Green648 - Kiwi Green649 - Spinach Green650 - Intense Green651 - Forest Green653 - Olive654 - Off White655 - Light Grey656 - Grey657 - Dark Mink658 - Earth660 - Pink Beige661 - Natural Leather662 - Biscuit663 - Hazelnut664 - Cooper Brown665 - Medium Tabacco Brown666 - Habano667 - Cordovan668 - Dark Mahogany669 - Hunting Green670 - Luxury Orange671 - Salmon672 - Purplish673 - Blue Base674 - Apple Green


Tarrago Quick Color is a water-based color dye repairer with high covering capacity. It is specially formulated to renew the color of the leather and canvas footwear and repair little defects like scratches caused by the use.

Previous preparation of the leather is not needed.

The result is highly resistant to frictions in both dry and wet weather conditions.

The exclusive formula of Tarrago Quick Color, is based in a high concentration of top-quality pigments and free solvents, therefore, it is not considered hazardous to the health or the environment.

  • The content of one bottle will repair approximately 3-5 pairs of shoes of average size.
  • Fast dry.
  • 25 ml / 0,90 fl.oz bottle with applicator sponge.
  • Range of 90 colors and metallic colors.





Gives color

Product data sheet

Safety data sheet

How to use

  1. Brush to remove dust and dirt residues.
  2. Shake the container vigorously.
  3. Soak the sponge applying pressure gently to the surface, spread evenly over the entire surface.
  4. Let it dry 3 minutes.


Choose a color as close as possible to the original color of the surface.


Can the Tarrago Dye Self-shine be diluted with water?
Yes, it can be diluted with water. But we recommend using the Self Shine Neutral Base for a better result.
Can I advance the drying time with a dryer?
Yes, you can dry with a dryer between layers. Please keep a distance of 15 cm.
I finished the preparer but I still have dye or paint. Could you tell me please which other liquid I can use?

Yes, you can use the Tarrago Conditioner, available in 25ml format.

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