This is the most complete guide for motorcycle care (garments and accessories). Leather motorcycling garments and shoes need a special treatment, so they can’t be treated as other kinds of leather garments. This leather has the special property of resistance to abrasion and to tensile strength.

Most of these leather garments are made of high quality cowhide or buffalo leather, with a minimum thickness of 1.2 mm., so that leather be tough and durable.

It has a plasticized finish, which must never be removed to dye.

Actually, Tarrago Brands doesn’t recommend dyeing this kind of leather, but just to maintain a cleaning-moisturizing-nourishing treatment and repair it when it is inevitably necessary.

Recommended Products

Everything made of leather needs to being hydrated and nourished to retain its properties.  We can distinguish between a maintenance procedure and a repair procedure, which will apply additionally a specific treatment to repair and renew the color before applying the nutrient treatment.

For Cleaning:

Use Tarrago Gel Cream or Tarrago Shampoo Spray. It is not recommended use to much water. Apply Tarrago Shoe Cream or Saphir Juvacuir as moisturizers-nutrients, because is an essential step after cleaning.
In the case you need to repair any rash or worn-out area, you can use Tarrago Quick Color. For dark colors, also Tarrago Penetrating Dye will suitable.

For Protection:

Finally, it is highly recommended to protect the leather of humidity and rain with Tarrago Universal Protector.

Maintenance / Repairing Procedure: 

For Cleaning

Before applying a repairing or nourishing product, it’s recommended to use Tarrago Gel Cream or Tarrago Shampoo Spray for an optimal cleaning.

Tarrago Gel Cream:

It is a pleasantly scented cleaning gel. It can be applied to any color. It doesn’t leave residues and does not alter the original texture of leather.
1. Apply rubbing in the surface vigorously with a clean cloth.
2. Let dry.
3. Once dried, rub in softly with a dry and clean cloth.

Tarrago Shampoo Spray

It is a dry cleaning mousse to clean smooth leather footwear and clothing without moisten. It provides a soft touch and does not affect breathability. Also suitable for textile motorcycling garments (nylon).


1. Remove superficial dirt from  shoes.
2. Dampen the surface with water but do not soak.
3. Shake the can well.
4. Apply with a damp sponge or cloth and rub vigorously.
5. Rinse off the foam with a damp clear sponge.
6. Let dry.
7. Buff with a soft cloth to shine

Textile Nylon Garments:

Follow previous steps from 1 to 6.

For Moisturizing Nourishing Renovation:

It’s recommended to use Tarrago Shoe Cream to moisturize and nourish or Saphir Juvacuir to moisturize, nourish and also renew the color of leather. 

Tarrago Shoe Cream

It is a soft, carnauba wax-based cream which nourishes, maintains, shines and enhances the color. Large range of more than 80 colors, including pearly and metalized shades. .

1. Clean the area before applying.
2. Apply a small amount of cream with a cloth or brush, spreading it evenly.
3. Let dry.
4. Buff for an immediate shine.

Juvacuir de Saphir

Exclusive formula which renews the color of all smooth leathers presenting discoloration, scratches, etc. Through the combination of coloring resins and a beeswax emulsion, the product penetrates deeply, restoring original color and nourishing at the same time.
Another feature of this product is the avoiding of discharge phenomena on clothing or other items in contact, even if there were a significant rubbing.
This product should not be used as a wax or a cleanser, but just in specific cases of a renewal of the leather.

1. Clean the surface.
2. Shake the flask.
3. With the help of a clean cloth, apply the product evenly on the leather.
4. Let  dry for 15 minutes.
5. Polish  with a woolen cloth or chamois.


It’s recommended to use Tarrago Quick Color to repair scratches and scuffs. Tarrago Penetrating Dye is also suitable in worn-out dark colors.

Tarrago Quick Color

Repairing dye to cover all kinds of scratches on the smooth leather. This dye is suitable to restore the color  in worn-out  areas. Available in 90 colors.

1. Clean the surface.
2. Shake the bottle vigorously.
3. To repair little areas or limited by another colors, use the paintbrush to apply the dye instead of using the applicator sponge.
4. Let dry during 3 minutes after its application.

Tarrago Penetrating Dye

Just in cases of dark colors, when you need to recover some color spot zones not recovered with Saphir Juvacuir. After its application, it is recommended to use Saphir Juvacuir for a better result.

1. Clean the surface.
2. Apply  Tarrago Penetrating Dye on  the area/s with the paintbrush.
3. Let dry.
4. Apply Saphir Juvacuir.


To protect leather from humidity and rain, it’s essential to waterproof the surface, so it’s recommended the regular use of Tarrago Universal Protector.

Tarrago Universal Protector

It helps to prevent water soaking into the items. Dirt repellant, it prevents from any damage on the leather, but it does not change the original colors or characteristics of the leather. It does not affect either its breathability. Tested and recommended for breathable and waterproof membranes. Also suitable for motorcycling textile nylon garments.

1. Shake the container.
2. Apply over the surface from a distance of about 20 cms.
3. Let dry.


To deodorize and prevent excessive sweating in feet and in motorcycling footwear, it is recommended  a regular use of Tarrago Fresh Deodorant Pum Spray and Tarrago Deodorant Talcum.