Leather Edge Paint is a new special polymeric paint for painting and filling the edges of bags, shoes, belts and any smooth leather accessory. It is recommended to apply it with the Tarrago Leather Paint Roller Pen for a professional finish. The product ensures a great final result, solid and uniform. It offers high coverage in just a few applications, ensuring that the filler and colour is held for a long time. This is achieved thanks to its formulation with high quality components, polymers and pigments, which make the product highly viscous for smooth spreading. It has a matt finish and is available in 10 colours: colourless, white, dark brown, navy blue, black, medium brown, beige, light brown, cognac and mahogany. If you wish to purchase it, please contact us at info@tarrago.com.

Instructions on how to use it:

1. Clean the edge of the leather to be treated.
2. Apply a coat of paint with the Tarrago Paint Roller Pen.
3. Allow to dry for 12 hours.
4. Repeat the application and apply a second or third coat if a more uniform edge is desired.


-For a perfect finish, we recommend applying the product with the Tarrago Leather Paint Roller Pen.
Tarrago Super Deglazer can be applied before painting with Tarrago Leather Edge Paint to remove any dirt or lacquer residue.
-After applying the first coat, the surface can be smoothed with the Edge Paint Roller Pen’s spatula.
-The colours can be mixed together to achieve the desired shade, but if the colour is not quite right, we recommend applying the colourless Leather Edge Paint to fill in the edge and paint it with the 99+ colours of the Tarrago Color Dye.
-If a finer finish is desired, we recommend allowing 24 hours after application and lightly sanding the surface with 400-600 grit sandpaper. Be careful not to remove too much paint.
-If you wish to obtain a glossy finish you can apply a top coat with Tarrago gloss aqueous lacquer.
-Storage temperature between 10°C and 30°C.