Greases have always been the first option to waterproof leather both in shoes and in different sports accessories and saddlery.
Over time, spray protectors have been incorporated for their most practical use and the ability to maintain the original color and not darken it.

But when we want to use a good grease that provides us, not only waterproofing but also nutrition, we ask ourselves How to choose the correct grease?
Below we explain the differences that exist between our range of greases.
This comparison will help you choose the most suitable product according to your needs:

Tarrago Dubbin

Tarrago Dubbin is indicated for saddlery, sports and horse riding, it provides a natural look.

Grease that waterproofs, greases and nourishes avoiding cracking of the leather. It does not contain silicone and its traditional formula makes it greasier.

Suitable for smooth leather, oiled smooth leather, waxed leather for trekking shoes and leather soles.
Available colors: Colorless and black


Tarrago Tucan Mink OilTarrago Tucan Mink Oil

Tarrago Tucan Mink Oil is enriched with natural mink oil and natural wax. This is a dubbin specially formulated to protect, shine and nourish the leather, preventing against chapping and waterproofing.
It does not contain silicone and is fast absorbing. Pleasant scent. Suitable for high resistance leathers, oiled leather and waxed “Trekking” leather.
Available colors: Colorless.



Tarrago Mink OilTarrago Mink Oil

Tarrago Mink Oil is enriched with natural mink oil and mineral waxes. It protects and nourishes the leather, preventing against chapping and ensuring waterproof protection.
Its formula penetrates easily in leather.
Suitable for smooth leather (cowhide, goat, pig and equine leather), oil tanned leather and oiled nubuck.
Available in neutral color.

You can also see a comparison table for much more information.