Mink Oil

Grease to protect and nourish smooth leather and oiled leathers, giving a smooth and silky touch. It lubricates and protects leather against chapping. Waterproofs leather. Suitable for smooth leather, oil tanned leather and oiled nubuck.

  • 100 ml / 3,52 fl.oz aluminium tin.
  • Available in neutral color.


Tarrago Mink Oil is enriched with natural mink oil and mineral waxes. It protects and nourishes the leather, preventing against chapping and ensuring waterproof protection.

Natural mink oil provides moisturizing and lubricating properties and mineral waxes provides waterproof properties. Provides flexibility and softness to leather.

Its formula penetrates easily in leather.

  • 100 ml / 3,52 fl.oz aluminium tin.
  • Available in neutral color.
  • Suitable for smooth leather (cowhide, goat, pig and equine leather), oil tanned leather and oiled nubuck.
  • It does not contain silicone.
  • Leaves a pleasant and clean fragrance.



Oiled Nubuck

Oiled Nubuck

Oil Tanned Leather





Mink Oil

Mineral Wax

Mineral Wax

Product data sheet


Safety data sheet

How to use

  1. Remove dust from the surface.
  2. With a clean cloth apply evenly a little quantity of the product.
  3. Let dry 10 minutes.
  4. Finish with a dry cloth to polish.


It darkens suede and nubuck. Test on a non-visible place before use.

The Mink Oil is the best option for delicate leather. We recommend the Tarrago Tucan Mink Oil for leathers under outdoor and extreme situations and need high performance endurance.

​It provides a natural appearance, giving a very smooth and silky touch.


Does the Tarrago Mink Oil contain silicones?

No, the new Mink Oil formula does not contain silicones.

At what temperature is it recommended to store Tarrago Mink Oil?
We recommend maintaining a storage temperature between 5 and 35 celsius degrees.

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