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Suede & Nubuck

List of Polish Matches for the Tieks Leather Ballet Flat

“The most versatile flats in the world”, the Tieks by Gavrieli have thousands of followers around the world, so we often receive inquiries about which color to use on the shoes to give it a new life. For conditioning and color renewal, the product we recommend is...

Colors of the Year 2021: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow

Once again Pantone Institute surprises us with the selection of two colors from its palette for the year 2021. But this is not the first time that Pantone has selected two tones, since in 2016 the Pantone Serenity and the Rose Quard were chosen together. And this...

Tarrago Sneakers Paint vs Tarrago Self Shine Color Dye to change the color of the leather

If you want to change the color of the leather, renew the color of shoes, bags, accessories and even custom them, the best option is to use a rub-resistant dye, with flexibility so that it does not crack, with trendy colors and above all with extensive durability....

Kickit Event: Take place at Milan this year

We are pleased to announce that our distributor TAN COMPANY will be this October 25th in Milan at the Kickit event with our Sneakers Paints Range. KICKIT is a collective of multi-ethnical events born in 2011, with the purpose of engaging with the street style fashion...

Tarrago adapts its production to the COVID-19 crisis

La empresa Tarrago Brands International, con sede en Manresa (Barcelona) y líder en el sector del cuidado del cuero y el calzado con presencia en más de 70 países, ha desarrollado y producido en tiempo récord…

Saucony Shadow 5000 “Jack Daniels”

We are continually amazed at all the talent and creativity that we see reflected in the customization of the sneakers. It always inspires us to continue producing quality paints, easy to apply and durable in time.

Much more than a collaboration: We talk to Mr.Hanzo

In this first interview, we wanted to talk to Raúl, who selflessly wrote to us on Instagram to share his illustrations with us. Known on Instagram as Sr. Hanzo we launched into a short but juicy conversation.

How to avoid bacteria in shoes, bags and accessories?

Our clothing accessories such as shoes, handbags and wallets can harbor up to 10,000 types of bacteria, discover how to them. That is why it never hurts to recommend the basic steps for cleaning and protecting accesories.

Information Release COVID-19

In order to protect the health and safety of all our workers and the general population, in the face of the declaration by the state of alarm due to the situation generated by COVID-19, Tarrago Brands has taken preventive and mandatory 15-day confinement, determined...

Essential accessories for shoecare

We are currently living in an era of “wear and tear” when we talk about accessories, clothing and footwear, we always make the effort to have several pieces inside the wardrobe, not only of a good brand, but designed with good materials quality.

How to choose the best outdoor insoles?

How to choose the best outdoor insoles?

Do you hike, backpack, run, ski or cycle? Do foot aches, blisters, hot spots or discomfort hamper the enjoyment of your activities? If so, you may want to consider the extra comfort and support provided by Tarrago Outdoor Insoles. Stock insoles in performance boots...

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Why customize your kicks?

People want to show they have a unique taste level, that they can create. If you put it together, you feel more ownership of it. You’re more proud of the item because you helped make it and the more involved you are in making something, the more brand loyalty you...

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The weekly drop: sneaker culture in your pocket

A half decade ago, listening about or sharing opinions on sneakers was in its fledgling stage. There were only a few people who were trusted to give opinions and cultural context on why sneakers mattered. Sneaker culture, for lack of a better word, was an insider’s...

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Metallic colors: the fashion trend for your shoes

Metallic colors: the fashion trend for your shoes

Do you want to be the next to join the most desired fashion trend of the new season? Metallic brightness, silver shades, gold or copper? Fashion weeks in most important cities have already imposed what will be the trend this season. Silver fever has not only conquered...

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How to choose a protector for trekking shoes

How to choose a protector for trekking shoes

You can significantly extend the life of your trekking footwear and increase their efficiency  by using them properly, and giving them the right maintenance and care. There are a lot of garments suitable for hiking and trekking, some specialized for each type of...

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Shoe Cream: Shine and nourish or just shine

Shoe Cream: Shine and nourish or just shine

A good shoe polishing keeps your shoes shiny and looking like new, however it is also important to moisturize and condition the leather regulary. Tarrago Shoe Cream is a soft-wax based cream, including carnauba wax, which nourishes, maintains, shines and enhances the...

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