Super White

Whitener to restore and repair smooth leather, synthetic leather and canvas white shoes or garments.
Its high pigment content provides a great covering with a single application.

  • Liquid whitener cream.
  • Sponge applicator 75 ml / 2,5 fl.oz


White liquid cream will allow you repair and whiten all leather, synthetic leather and canvas footwear.
Thanks to its bleaching properties, you can return the original white to your shoes.
With this product you can cover scratches and any type of dirt.
It is fast absorption, after 10 minutes of drying, the product does not stain.
With applicator sponge for easy apply of the product.

  • Liquid whitener cream.
  • Sponge applicator 75 ml / 2,5 fl.oz




Synthetic leather


Gives Color

Product data sheet

Safety data sheet

How to use

  1. Remove all dirt from the surface.
  2. Shake the bottle face down (until you hear the little metallic ball inside).
  3. Apply the product evenly by gently pressing the sponge on the surface.
  4. Let it dry 10 minutes.
  5. After using the product, clean the sponge with water to avoid possible remnants of white cream which damage the sponge.
How to use Super White


It is also recommended for all kinds of TEX materials.
If you use it on leather and want to shine, rub with a clean cloth.

For best results, use Tarrago Protector after cleaning.

Super white applied on canvas (like Converse), once it dres, stiffens the fabric a little. We recommend using a coat of Soft Maker to soften the canvas.

To avoid unwanted colors, shake the product well, so the pigment doesn’t stay at the bottom of the bottle. In case the product does not come out of the self-applicator, press the tube carefully ob both sides.


Can I use the Super White on suede shoes?

No, you cannot use this product on suede or nubuck. To dye suede or nubuck shoes, you can use Tarrago Suede Nubuck Dye.

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