We have been working with Jordi, the artist behind PimPam Creations, for more than 4 years. PimPam, as his friends call him, is from Barcelona and before dedicating himself to the world of customisation he worked for years in graphic design and advertising. He started drawing when he was a child and it’s something that has been with him all his life, until, at the insistence of his friends, he tried his hand at the world of sneakers… and the rest is history. We have contacted him for this interview so that you can get to know him a little better.

Jordi, we’ve known each other for a while now, but there are some things I’ve never asked you before, so I’m going to start with some random questions!

What are your hobbies? Video games, the whole freak world: figure collecting, series, movies, and pop culture from the 80’s and 90’s.

A motivational phrase that you like? Living is Urgent And what is your favourite colour? Yellow and Aluminium.

A place you’d like to travel to but haven’t been to yet? NY.

Place/place/activity that helps you recharge your batteries? Being on the beach sunbathing and getting up early (every day) and my morning coffee.

What inspires you to design your creations? My clients, to see that a person trusts in your art to create something and they enjoy it so much, may be the best of inspirations and motivations. To be able to dedicate my life to this is a gift.

Could you list 3 essential products for you from the Sneaker Care range? The colourless neutral base, and the Sneaker Paint in white (for its covering power), and in aluminium colour.

What is your favourite pair of sneakers to customise? Adidas Stan Smith or Air Force 1

How long does it take to design and customise a pair of shoes? It depends on the project. The average time from start to finish can be between 8-15 hours. I have a very direct contact with the client before finishing a project, it’s not just the painting itself.

Which product would you recommend to apply before starting to customize? ALWAYS CONDITIONER or DEGLAZER And after? INCOLORO and any Maker to give a perfect finish.

Would you like to customise other types of garments or accessories? I already do: jackets, backpacks, wallets…

What can’t be missing in any of your designs? Dedication and time (it would be easy to say passion, but that goes hand in hand with the work I do).

Any advice for young people who want to dedicate themselves to customising trainers? To have fun, to respect the profession and to value above all the work involved in what they do.

Do you have any role models in the sneaker world? I have a lot of artistic references, I like the work of MelonKicks a lot, and the work of @ChadCantcolor is very motivating for me.

Which celebrity can you tell us who wears your shoes? Quite a few… Alberto Chicote, El Monaguillo, Alex Abrines, Pierre Oriola, Brandon Davies, Laia Costa, Cristina Castaño…

To request more information about his work and to keep up to date with his latest designs, you can find PimPam at:

Website: https://pimpamcreations.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pimpamcreations/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pimpamcreations/?hl=es