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Suede & Nubuck

Winter Shoe Care: Shielding Your Footwear from Rain and Snow

As winter approaches, it's time to gear up and protect your beloved shoes from the harsh elements of rain and snow. Nothing is worse than stepping out in stylish footwear only to have them ruined by water stains and snow-induced stains. Fear not, for we have the...

Elevate Your Shoe Comfort: Discover Our Premium Insoles

When it comes to footwear, foot discomfort takes many forms, from persistent pain due to long hours on your feet or uncomfortable shoes to blisters caused by friction and moisture buildup leading to unpleasant odors. High heels, though stylish, often bring discomfort,...

Meet our ambassador: Arnau Caballero

  We have been working with Arnau Caballero, artist known on Instagram also as "Knight" for some years. Originally from Gavà (Barcelona), he started making art as a teenager although he was also interested in other hobbies and nowadays, at 23 years old, his...

How to care for vegan leather

Vegan leather is a material that has an appearance and texture that mimics real leather but does not use any animal components in its production. Today it can be found in a wide variety of products on the market, such as vegan leather jackets, vegan leather shoes,...

Painting on canvas and denim: Interview with Maquinando Arte

If you are passionate about the world of customisation, you have surely seen the incredible designs of Nano, the artist behind Maquinando Arte, an expert in painting on denim and canvas who creates surprisingly fine and precise strokes. From Tarrago we have been...

Paint on denim and achieve matt or glossy finishes with Tarrago Sneaker Paint

Did you know that you can give a matt or glossy finish to your sneakers, or that you can paint denim or canvas with the same paint used to paint leather trainers? In this article we will explain how to use our specific products for special finishes and blends, and the...

Leather Edge Paint

Leather Edge Paint is a new special polymeric paint for painting and filling the edges of bags, shoes, belts and any smooth leather accessory. It is recommended to apply it with the Tarrago Leather Edge Paint Roller Pen for a professional finish. The product ensures a...

Meet our ambassador: Pim Pam Creations

  We have been working with Jordi, the artist behind PimPam Creations, for more than 4 years. PimPam, as his friends call him, is from Barcelona and before dedicating himself to the world of customisation he worked for years in graphic design and advertising. He...

Sneaker Cleaners: Which one should I choose?

With daily use, sneakers get dirty very quickly, both the surfaces and especially the soles and midsoles, which causes them to lose their original appearance very quickly. With so many different models on the market, made from different materials and combinations, it...

New actions to promote sustainability at Tarrago Brands

Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic are dumped into the oceans. The production of this non-biodegradable material has grown exponentially over the last 50 years, with around 35% of its production going into packaging, especially single-use ones. A low percentage...
Essential accessories for shoecare

Essential accessories for shoecare

We are currently living in an era of “wear and tear” when we talk about accessories, clothing and footwear, we always make the effort to have several pieces inside the wardrobe, not only of a good brand, but designed with good materials quality.

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Do you know how to take care of your rubber boots?

Do you know how to take care of your rubber boots?

Rain and snow have arrived! It is time to wear rubber boots: comfortable, waterproof, without laces, and practical. Rubber boots are resistant and off-road shoes, but this doesn’t mean that they do not require care to be in perfect conditions. We can’t forget that...

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New Black Premium Brush

New Black Premium Brush

Tarrago Brands does not give up on adding new products to expand and improve our range of shoe care, just to offer you the best solution to take care of your footwear. On this occasion, we want to present you the latest brush we have incorporated to our accessories...

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Maintenance of motorcycling garments

Maintenance of motorcycling garments

This is the most complete guide for motorcycle care (garments and accessories). Leather motorcycling garments and shoes need a special treatment, so they can’t be treated as other kinds of leather garments. This leather has the special property of resistance to...

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Tarrago New Helmet Cleaner and Deodorant

Tarrago New Helmet Cleaner and Deodorant

Tarrago Brands is a sports promoter. We are so keen on keep your sports equipment in excellent conditions. That is the reason why we have created these special products to take care of your helmets. Either if you are a cyclistor a motorist, a rugby player or hockey...

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