The most annoying part when cleaning sandals it usually is getting rid of bad odour smells and stains. On top of this, continued use, heat and moisture can produce bacteria that develop diseases in your feet. To avoid this, it is essential to clean your shoes regularly. For this reason, we recommend different products specialized in sandal cleaning and their maintenance.

If your sandals are made of natural or synthetic leather, start by removing any dust with a cloth. This should also be suitable for suede and nubuck sandals or textiles.

Apply Tarrago Sandal Cleaner, a soapy solution specially designed for this type of footwear. Also, if your sandals are suede and Nubuck, we recommend that you also brush them with the Tarrago Brass Brush. When your sandals are dry it’s recommended to put talcum on top of the sole.

This summer don’t forget to use Nano Protector Tarrago for a total dust and sand protection. It’s suitable for all types of skins. Discover the best choices between all our products for shoes.