Adventure is the passion of many people, in Tarrago we think in those who want to have tops experiences as run on a rocky field and get dirty like authentic Spartans.


Before, it was almost incompatible to wear your technical clothing clean without losing its technical properties. Now this is possible, you can go anywhere and after your adventure, clean your equipment with Tarrago Trekking Cleaner.

A dry cleaning foam for trekking footwear and sports equipment (garments and other materials made of leather, smooth leather, synthetic leather, oiled leather, suede, nubuck and canvas). Does not contain silicones. It provides a soft-touch finish. Does not after original colors or breathability.

Recommended for Goretex and similar High-Tech materials.

How to use this miraculous product:

  1. Remove possible dust and dirt remained with Tarrago Suede an Nubuck De Luxe Brush.

On smooth leather use a soft duster cloth.

  1. Spread the foam evenly on the shoe and rub strongly with Tarrago Cleaning Sponge.
  2. Use the duster cloth to remove the remaining foam.
  3. Let dry.