A half decade ago, listening about or sharing opinions on sneakers was in its fledgling stage. There were only a few people who were trusted to give opinions and cultural context on why sneakers mattered. Sneaker culture, for lack of a better word, was an insider’s club that placed emphasis on people being there to understand and appreciate the right shoes.

Now the sentence “taking care your sneakers” is a core part of the global sneakerhead lexicon. Carrying a deeper meaning beyond just “free from dirt, marks, or stains”, the word become a go-to way to validate, and in short, compliment the kicks.

Related Shopping Tips

Tarrago Sneakers Kit is a perfect complement to your sneakers. You can enlarge the life of your kicks with these products:

  • Tarrago Sneaker Cleaner. Foaming detergent with high cleaning power, conditions and deodorizes leaving a pleasant and delicate fragrance.
  • Tarrago Sneaker Protector. Helps to prevent water soaking into the footwear, protects from rain and snow. It’s dirt repellant and prevents from any damage on the leather or fabrics.
  • Tarrago Sneaker Brush. It’s made up of a varnished beech wood handle brush which brings a cool touch, and soft bristles, that will allow you to remove the most difficult spots.
  • Tarrago Shoe Duster for achieving a high shine, made from 100% natural cotton. You can use also to apply creams & polishes.

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