Sneakers Midsole Cleaner

Cleaning cream with bamboo essence. Specially formulated to eliminate dirt and paint.

This cream can be applied over any color.

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Tarrago Sneakers Midsole Cleaner is a solvent based cleaning cream with a pleasant bamboo essence.

With its easy, quick and effective use, your sneakers midsoles will achieve a perfect cleaning!

Specially formulated for an effective cleaning of all types of midsoles.

Cream can be applied over any color.

It doesn’t leave residues and doesn’t affect the original midsole texture.

– Jar 50ml/1,76 fl.oz

– Neutral color.

– Clean three pairs of sneakers.

1 – Apply the cleaning cream with a paint brush, covering the area to be cleaned completely.

2 – Let the formula work for a minute.

3 – Brush the surface with TARRAGO SNEAKERS BRUSH, using water to eliminate dirt and paint remains.

4 – If necessary, repeat the process.

We recommend to do a test on a non-visible place before using it.

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