Premium Delicate Cream

Nourishing cream made with natural oils and waxes. Its formula, exclusive on the market, is perfect to nourish and clean smooth leather, delicate leather and exotic leather. Non-flammable and environmentally friendly.

  • Neutral color suitable for all surfaces.
  • Recyclable aluminum can 60ml / 2.11 fl. oz.


​Tarrago Premium Delicate Cream is a water based nourishing cream made with natural oil and wax formula. It contains beeswax to provide a lasting shine effect, and vegetable and aloe vera oils to nourish and soften the leather.

This delicate cream maintains and cleans the leather in one simple step. After application, the surface shines again. It is environmentally friendly and transportable by air.

Not suitable for suede, nubuck, patent leather or vinyl.

  • Neutral color to apply the product on all surfaces.
  • Fruit essence.
  • Soft-touch and quality finish label.
  • Recyclable aluminum can 60ml / 2.11 fl. oz.
  • High nourishing properties thanks to its vegetable and aloe vera oil.
  • New formula to maintain your garments for all time.
  • We recommend using the product regularly.


Smooth Leather

Exotic Leather

Delicate Leather



Gives shine



Aloe Vera Oil


Product data sheet

Safety data sheet

How to use

  1. Brush to remove the dust.
  2. Apply with a clean cloth a small amount of cream and spread it evenly
  3. Allow it dry 4 minutes.
  4. Buff with a dry cloth or a polish brush to get the desire shine.


We recommend using the product regularly.

For best results, use Tarrago Protector after cleaning.

8 Reasons Tarrago Premium Delicate Cream


Can I use this product to hydrate a suede bag?

No, this product is not allowed to be used on suede or nubuck.

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