The most romantic day of the year is soon to be here. Many of us are thinking what to wear for our dates. From a cute to a modern outfit, shoes are an important part of it, so get ready for the occasion!

Some of us are going to wear those special leather shoes, those that are only for this kind of situations. Others will choose that favorite pair of sneakers or their newest nubuck boots. No matter what you decide to wear, Tarrago has products to get them all shiny and ready for a special day.

The Tarrago Shoe Cream

Is a soft-wax based cream with carnauba wax, which nourishes, maintains, shines and enhances the color. It is suitable for leather and synthetic leather. The carnauba wax is also known as “the queen of waxes”, because provides a lasting shine, ensures waterproof protection, provides nutrition to the leather and, due to its content in high quality pigments, provides a great coverage. It is available in 83 colors, plus 7 pearly shades and 9 metallic shades.

The Tarrago Nubuck Suede Dry Cleaner

Is a dry cleaner spray for suede and nubuck shoes and accessories. Thanks to its formulation based on surfactant components, which help you to remove dust and dirt without the necessity of using water, you will be able to remove dirt in a simple step.

The Tarrago Sneakers Cleaner

Is a foaming soap with a high cleaning power, conditions and deodorizes leaving a delicate and pleasant essence. Cleans effectively without damaging the original texture neither modifying the colors. Suitable for all range of colors.

The Tarrago Universal Cleaner

Is a liquid cleaner, suitable for all colors. Specially recommended for leather goods and upholstery. Great product for all types of leather (footwear, bags, belts, etc.), suede, nubuck and fabric. This is a basic for every occasion.

The Tarrago New Fresh Deodorant Spray

Is specially designed to deodorize footwear. With its floral essence, it neutralizes any odor and provides a fresh scent. With its easy application directly inside the footwear and its long durability, shoes will be fresh from heel to toe for 48 hours.

Are you ready?! Make your shoes shiny and prepare your outfit!

We wish everybody a lovely Valentine’s Day!