We know that this summer you have returned to take out the sparrows of the last season, or in the best case you have bought a new pair. The espadrille is a completely comfortable shoe that avoids chafing, and at the same time it becomes elegant and modern. They are ideal for the season from late spring to early fall, where we still do not have to protect our feet from the cold.

Before letting you know how to clean them, I give you the most common mistakes =O

Put them in the washing machine: We rarely recommend introduce the shoes in the washing machine, but much more with the espadrilles, because their sole is composed of esparto grass and this one usually swells and get rid inside the washing machine.
Dry in the sun: Completely forbidden, just let them dry in the open air, without the sun going directly to them.
Do not repair the damage of the sole in time: Before cleaning the shoes, we recommend that you stick with silicone the esparto strips that have been able to take off.

Now, what do we need to clean them?

  • A dry microfiber cloth.
  • Soap or our product Tarrago Textil.
  • Water, preferably warm.


  • Insert the microfiber cloth inside the footwear, this will prevent the inside of the esparto from getting wet.
  • Remove the soapy solution, press on the canvas and start rubbing using the self-applying sponge.
  • Use another moistened chamois and remove all excess soap.
  • For the sole we recommend Tarrago Universal Cleaner, apply it with a chamois and rub it very gently. Once they are clean we recommend that you place several layers of Universal Protector to avoid material wear.

Finally, we recommend that before you store them in the closet, use a deodorant to avoid odors.