Sneakersness is an event that captures the essence of the culture of kicks.

A unique mix of the world’s leading brands and shops offer more than a just a glimpse into de culture of sneakers.

It’ll be a fresh Sneakerness in Cologne where you’ll encounter with a lot of international brands, exceptional sneaker stores, and some of the hottest private sellers and collectors from all over Europe.

Sneakers Atelier

You can’t miss visiting Sneakers Atelier, our most recent Brand Ambassador. What we love about Sneakers Atelier is the care it has in each of its customizations. You will love to visit it and see its live painting by hand.

My Sneaker Museum

You can also view the new project of Sergey Vetrov, a sneakerhead with the largest collection of Saucony Originals in the world.

“My Sneakers Museum”, is an ambitious project where Vetrov wants to show the world his collection of more than 500 pairs of Sauconys. This museum has been created from the inspiration of Alex TGWO Museum. Sergey has been a great contributor to the entire Tarrago Team in Russia.

If you want to know more about the museum and want to collaborate, visit:

During the event we will be giving away Sneakers Wipes so do not forget to approach the Saucony Museum.