It’s very likely that you have had at some point an edition of the Cutting Edge magazine in your hands. With no doubt this is one of the main publications of the Shoe Repairer’s sector, which is published four times a year in the United Kingdom. But this is not only a magazine, it is also an organization which aim is to promote and support the shoe repair trade with the organization of annual events.

Last February, Tarrago Brands had the chance to receive Tony Driver’s visit, journalist and collaborator of the magazine. We invited him to spend a whole day in our factory premises and the main headquarters placed in Manresa. So he could know firsthand the production process of our products while having a more accurate view of the background, history and evolution of the company.

In this upcoming edition, Cutting Edge has dedicated an in-depth company profile report of two pages. Do not miss the chance to read it and catch up what’s next at Tarrago…

CUTTING EDGE March 2016 – Tarrago Brands Company Profile article