The smell of spring is starting to blow and warm days are about to arrive. It means it’s time to get ready for the season, colour up our outfits and wear our suede and nubuck shoes with no worries about the rain.

Suede ankle boots, nubuck driving shoes or suede sneakers are about to be the regular footwear during springtime. This year you can try to change their colour or to add a colour detail to them, if you do so, you are going to feel like you just got a new pair! Tarrago has good news for those who are wishing to renew their suede and nubuck shoes, the company has recently presented the new colours of the Suede Nubuck Dye, the product that will make your footwear look the way you want for this season.


Now you can choose among 15 colours, including the purplish, pale orange or green. In case you didn’t know, this year’s colour is the Pantone Ultra Violet, so it could be worthy to use the purplish colour and make your shoes more fashionable.

The Tarrago Suede Nubuck Dye

is an alcohol based dye, specially formulated to change from light to dark colours. It provides a solid colour, resistant to both wet and dry frictions. It will not bleed or rub off once it dries. Suitable for suede, nubuck, synthetic suede and similar materials.

If you are wondering on how to apply it, here you’ll find the steps:

  1. Remove the shoelaces and accessories if your shoes have them.
  2. Brush the surface thoroughly to clean off dirt and dust.
  3. Cover with masking tape the parts you are not going to dye, such as the midsole of your shoes.
  4. Shake the bottle.
  5. Apply the dye evenly over the surface with the paintbrush that comes with the dye.
  6. Let it dry for 12 hours.
  7. Apply a second layer if necessary.
  8. Let it dry for 12 hours.
  9. Brush with a special suede brush like Tarrago Deluxe for Suede and Nubuck Brush.

With the Tarrago Suede Nubuck you can get a whole new look for your shoes.

Are you ready for springtime? Dare to change the colour of your suede and nubuck shoes for the season!

We wish you a happy and colourful spring!