The use of sports insoles in footware shoes is an increasingly common practice not only to prevent injuries, since they give balance and stability to the foot, but for its comfort when it comes to cushioning the impact upon the ground. Tarrago, a leading company in manufacturing and marketing products for footwear care and repair, has one of the widest ranges of the market in technical insoles for this type of shoe.

Tarrago range of products includes special insoles for:

  • Trekking.
  • Running.
  • Paddle / tennis.
  • Football, rugby.
  • Cycling.
  • Sskiing, as well as other suitable for hiking and urban walking.

Each type of insole has particular characteristics adapted to the needs of each sport, such as improving body posture to increase muscular endurance, helping the foot to make better changes of direction or increase the driving force, among many others.

To achieve these effects, the insoles have been designed technically by experts and have been made with specific materials, such as latex gel, aluminum fiber or visco foam. Here you can find all the information about the technical characteristicsTarrago Insoles