Shoemaking history is rich tradition. Saint Crispin is the most commonly recognized patron saint of shoemakers, though there have been other.

Legend has it that Crispin and Crispiano were two noble Roman brothers who converted to Christianity. Persecuted by the Emperor Diocletian, they fled to France to Soissons, where they learned the trade of the shoemaker.

They made shoes that they then gave to the poor. They worked at night during the day and dedicated to evangelize the Gauls. That is why they won as many admirers as adversaries. After being betrayed they were persecuted, captured and beheaded.

Since medieval times, October 25th has been celebrated as St. Crispin’s Day feast day and the shomaker’s holiday. In the past, boot and shoemakers closed their shops on this day in celebration and commemoration.

For us the shoemaker’s guild has always been extremely important, since we consider ourselves part of the equation that makes the final art of the shoe. That is why we will celebrate it with them.

Congratulations Shoemakers!

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