We are continually amazed at all the talent and creativity that we see reflected in the customization of the sneakers. It always inspires us to continue producing quality paints, easy to apply and durable in time.

On this occasion we would like to show the result of the customizer Denis @harsford who was customized a Saucony with the concept and brand of legendary whisky “Jack Daniels” for the collector Sergey Vetrov @veter032 in Russia.

“This time we tried to combine the design of two legendary American Brands @sauconyoriginals and @jackdaniels_us. Connoisseurs of the most famous whiskey can easily find references to the history of the brand and its key features in the images. For example, sugar maple foliage reflects the technology of filtering whiskey through the coals of those very trees, which gives the unique taste of Jack Daniels, thanks to which he gained such fame.

As for the work itself, for the first time I had to put the image on a suede surface, and not the leather as we are all used to. It was very interesting and difficult at the same time, in the process the impression was like I was making a tattoo, because everything was given only one attempt, and there was no way to fix the errors”