Blue or purple? It is the new color: Very Peri that Pantone has created and that sets the new color trend for 2022.
From Tarrago as color innovators, we are very identified with the process of creating this new color that evokes a new form of communication, expression, connection and influence on ideas and emotions.

“It was really important for us to come up with a new color, because now we have a very new view of the world.” – Pantone Institute.

The Pantone of the Year 2022 Very Peri is a color that we can place between blue and purple and that has already been seen in the latest trends in the world of fashion. To highlight Pantone comments: it is a blue color fused with a purplish red.

If you want to renew the color of your accessories, we leave you some options from our color palette in our different products.

Tarrago Shoe Cream

The perfect product for the care and nutrition of your bag, shoes and accessories this season.

Tarrago Self Shine Color Dye

Although it seems very risky, changing the color of your bag, belt or accessory is a “must” if you want to show off the color of this season. For this, Tarrago Color Dye is ideal due to its high resistance to rubbing.

Tarrago Suede Nubuck Dye

If you have accessories with nubuck leather, this alcohol-based dye is perfect for changing color. Remember that you can only change from light to dark colors. This product is available in color 124.

Pantone Color of the Year

Tarrago Sneakers Paint

It’s a high pigment paint with a matte finish for leather, synthetic leather and canvas. This paint also allows you to bring your imagination to life and get the colors you want. To obtain the mixtures you can visit