A new year came and once more Pantone® shares its color of the year 2024 choice. In this occasion they have chosen Pantone® 13-1023 Peach Fuzz, a peachy tone between orangish and pinkish that reminds of the classic salmon but warmer and more radiant.

This color invites us to moments of peace, to reconnect with oneself; to feel, to seek comfort and inner serenity. A tone that youth and childhood, but also conveys elegance and comfort. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Institute, explains the reasons that led them to choose this shade:

“We were looking for a shade that expresses our innate desire for closeness and connection, so we chose this radiant color that exudes warmth and modern elegance. It’s a color that exudes empathy, wraps us in an embrace we can almost feel, and naturally combines youthfulness with timelessness.”

It is a rather specific shade, but you can find it in the different varieties of Tarrago products to dye your shoes, clothes or other fashion accessories and wear the trend color of 2024.


Get the Pantone® of the year with our coloring app

You can get Pantone’s tone similar to Peach Fuzz using our coloring app, which will you guide to know which combinations are necessary to obtain them.

In addition, we show you other very similar Pantone® shades that you can achieve with the mixture of basic colors: Pantone 4675 C, more pinkish, or 7508 C, with a more orange tone.

Tarrago Sneakers Paint

To get the color of the year in your sneakers or denim clothes, we offer you Pastel Orange 750. With our painting app you can find all the possible mixtures to get the color that you like the most for your garments and that most assimilates your ideal Peach Fuzz shade.

At Tarrago we offer you the possibility to be in the latest fashion, let your imagination fly and join the Peach trend!