In order to protect the health and safety of all our workers and the general population, in the face of the declaration by the state of alarm due to the situation generated by COVID-19, Tarrago Brands has taken preventive and mandatory 15-day confinement, determined by the health and labor authorities according to the protocol of the Ministry of Health.

To promote family reconciliation with all employees, and ensure the health of all office departments, teleworking has been agreed with the entire team, thus making their hours more flexible until the situation returns to normal. So, the entire team continues to operate normally, offering our regular sales, customer service, management and assistance services.

As a production and logistics company, we have taken into account all the preventive measures in our facilities, so that the supply to our distributors remains operational. Independent working groups have been created, with different schedules, to avoid the confinement of the operating staff.

From Tarrago Brands International, we have acted from the first outbreak of the virus, with contingency plans that to date are being effective, protecting our employees, and allowing the continuity of activity, without undermining the guarantees for the health of the teams and their families. That is why we also ask for responsibility and collaboration to face this extraordinary scenario.