We are currently living in an era of “wear and tear” when we talk about accessories, clothing and footwear, we always make the effort to have several pieces inside the wardrobe, not only of a good brand, but designed with good materials quality. And when we have pieces like that it is necessary to take care of them so that they prevail over time.

And although most of the essentials that we will describe below are for the care of shoes, they are also used for accessories such as belts, watch straps and bags.
The usual question is, should I have all these accessories if I’m starting the shoecare? And the answer is: of course not, that’s why we’re going to number it from most essential to least essential.

Shoe Duster

Although it seems extremely obvious, it is essential to have not only a chamois, but several chamois.
These have two purposes, the first is to remove any surface dirt, as well as remove dry and wet cleaning products. And the other is to apply creams and polishes.
In both cases the chamois should preferably be made of cotton so that it does not release traces of material like the Shoe Duster.


The second essential accessory are brushes, but when we talk about brushes, we can enter a new world. So, we will stay basic and recommend only two of them.

The first would be a brush that serves to remove surface dirt on the footwear and at the same time has the ability to polish. For this there is nothing better than a Horse Hair Brush. This brush is essentially for smooth surfaces, mostly leather.

So, it takes us to the second brush designed exclusively for the care of suede and nubuck surfaces.
This De Luxe Brush is very versatile and that is why it is so common inside a shoe care box, it allows us to routinely brush the hair, lift it after drying any cleaning process and its sides help us reach the most difficult spaces to clean.

Shoe Horn

As the next basic accessory, we have two options, the first would be a Shoe Horn and the second the Shoe Tress.
But for utility and because it really improves our life style (especially in the mornings) we see a Shoe Horn at our fingertips.

And for those who wonder what a Shoe Horn is, it is an accessory that helps us fit our foot inside the shoe. We get them designed in different materials. We offer one in metal that is more durable in time.

Shoe Tree

Therefore, the following accessory would be a pair of Natural Cedar Shoe Tree for all leather shoes, suede or nubuck or special leathers. The important thing about this type of shoe trees is not only that it helps you maintain the shape of the shoe, but that it will protect the material, the fabric and the seams from moisture thanks to the absorbing power of the cedar.
You also have plastic options for those synthetic leather shoes.


As a fifth accessory, not so essential but very comfortable are the insoles. We get a lot of variety depending on our needs and especially in what season we are. So, if we recommend any, it would be a leather insole that helps transpire all the footwear. Our favorite? Insole Active Leather Black Edition.


And lastly, it would be replacement cords for that pair of oxford, derby, brogue or boat shoes and for this the best thing is the Waxed Laces of the corresponding color.