Tarrago Brands introduce you the artist and craftsman who with our products, turns shoes in a unique work of art, his name Emmanuel Farré .

Emmanuel Farrè

Emmanuel  is an original independent artist  who works for shoe stores , shoemakers  and part

iculars, in the last years his passion has been  fashion and creating unique shoes. He makes real magic with a pair of shoes and Tarrago Dyes .

Emmanuel , where inspiration comes to make these creations ?

My mother was a great follower of the eighteenth century furniture and my dad always took care of his image as much , wearing tailored suits three-pieces. Each day I looked with admiration how he dressed and looked after, every detail in his look. They instilled in me a mixture of art and love for the elegance.

The cinema has also inspired me , watching Marcello Mastroianni in La Dolce Vita, with a natural elegance or the ease of Cary Grant wearing a tuxedo.

Tell us about your life before being an artist ?

After finishing my literary and artistic studies , spending a year in the USA,  I was recruited by the Navy for eight years. After that, my brother and I created and headed a restaurant in Toulouse, in the antiquarians district .

At  present, are you only devoted to your art ?

I am currently registered as an independent craftsman. My creations for shoes and accessories are addressed for both, men and women.

In the last years I have developed my passion for fashion and I quickly realized that the range of men’s shoes was very conformist. Researching, I have been able to develop my own

cleaning techniques and so leave the shoe completely clean to build myself a new and unique image for that model.

How is the atmosphere that inspires Emmanuel ?

I work in my studio surrounded by music and my cats. I am inspired by the colors I’m finding in my studio. Fortunately, Tarrago has a wide range that gives me everything I need for  my creations. Sometimes inspiration can come from a leaf, a gemstone or the patina of an old wood.

The models  that Emmanuel Farré usually work are normally brands like Louboutin, Berluti , Hermés , Santoni , Weston …  Quality pieces for exceptional creations.

Examples of his art:


Inspired by French drawings from the 18th century, I took the elements separately, and I engraved it using a point of a diamond.


The most difficult was the fact that the diamond is very tiny, so I worked as the same process applied for scarification, at least I just put a coat of gold dye on all the surface of the shoe, and then rubbed it softly, so to leave the dye only in the engraved parts.arately, and I engraved it using a point of a diamond.



I had frequently the idea of making a project about the wild, and more exactly about animals. The fist time I worked in this pair of shoes, I started by cleaning thoroughly the toe, so that it became very yellowish. 


The front color stood brown, so that that the mix of colors could obviously remember a panther.

I made every spot by using brown dye, and it took me around 60 hours in several days work, to complete the pair of shoes.



Like my cat IGOR, I wanted grey foot, so I worked the exact shade off of his fur, mixing light and dark grey, with a little of yellow, and doing a hand burnished finishing with a silver shoe cream, to meet the silky look of his long hair.

igor-cat farre