Trekking Oil Protector Spray


Specially formulated for Trekking footwear. Containing a high concentration of fluorine-based water repelling agents it protects against stains and dirt. Does not affect original color, the natural characteristics of the leather or impair the breathability of the footwear. Product tested and recommended for footwear made with breathable and waterproof membranes. For leather, synthetic leather, suede, nubuck and fabric.

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Oil Tanned Leather

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Tarrago Oil Nano Protector is a waterproofing and moisturizing spray specially indicated to protect garments and footwear of oily or waxed leathers and nubuck. Its efficient formula provides protection against rain, wetness, dirt and oils, but it doesn’t alter original colors or breathability.

Tarrago Trekking Oil Protector is tested and recommended for footwear made with a breathable and waterproof membrane (Gore Tex and other High-Tech membranes).

– Colorless spray.

– Available in 100 ml/3,38 fl.oz. and 250 ml/ 8,45 fl.oz.

1 – Brush the surface to remove any dirt.

2 – Shake the container vigorously.

3 – Spray evenly over the surface, from a distance of 30 cm. Approximately.

4 – Let dry for 30 minutes.




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