Sneakers Paint Brush Set

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Tarrago Paint Brush kit is the best selection to paint with the Tarrago Sneakers Paint. Made with high quality gold synthetic soft fibers to paint easily and effectively with precision. Its high elasticity keeps great shape and gives a great liquid holding capacity, that match perfectly with the Tarrago Sneakers Paint.

The kit is composed with five different paint brushes to satisfy all needs during the customizations.

  • 1 Round #2: Round small paint brush created for details, lines and shadows.
  • 1 Angular #1/2: Angular paint brush created to outline and painting small zones with precision its use allows thick, curved and thin lines on edges and angles.
  • 1 Flat #6: Flat medium paint brush created to fill areas of color, paint edges and square shapes.
  • 1 Flat #10: Flat big paint brush created to fill big areas of color and apply finishers and base coats.
  • 1 Filbert #6: Filbert paint brush specially created to paint the round and curved zones and edges.