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Improves stability and posture for better performance in skiing and snowboarding. Keeps the foot warm and isolated from the cold.

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Foot Comfort

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Tarrago Outdoor Ski / Snowboard:

– Keeps your feet warm and isolated.

– Improves stability and posture, increasing performance when skiing or snowboarding.

– Maintains your feet dry and fresh.

Characteristics of Insole’s Layers:

– Wool: Designed with wool to keep the foot warm.

– Air Foam Aluminum: Material that insulates against cold and humidity by helping to warm the foot.

– Air Fiber: Semi-rigid material to strengthen support.

– Air Foam: Antibacterial material to regulate the temperature of the foot.

EU: 37/40, UK: L 4/7, US: W 6½/9EU: 41/43, UK: M 7/9, US: M 8/10EU: 44/47, UK: M 10/13 US: M 10½/13½
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EU: 37/40, UK: L 4/7, US: W 6½/9, EU: 41/43, UK: M 7/9, US: M 8/10, EU: 44/47, UK: M 10/13 US: M 10½/13½

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