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What is the main difference between shoe cream and shoe polish?

The fundamental difference between shoe cream and shoe polish is that a cream is more for nourishment and recoloring, and a wax polish is primarily for providing those hard waxes to create a high shine.

What product would be ideal for nappa, deer and ostrich leather?

 To maintain the leather of nappa, deer or ostrich, we recommend the Tarrago Natural Leather Cream.

What is the process to recover the edges of a sole?

To recover the color of the soles, the ideal product is the Tarrago Edge Dressing, available in two colors. This dye is permanent, so you should take special care when applying it. The final finish is shiny, so you don’t need to apply any extra wax to shine.


Does the Tarrago self-shine color dye also work for dying suede?

No, the self-shine color dye is not suitable for suede. You have to use the Tarrago Suede Nubuck Dye.

How to get a matte finish after applying the Self-Shine Color Dye?

To get a matte finish, you can use the following products: Tarrago Sneakers Matt Maker or if you are professional you can use the Water Based Lacquer – Matt Finish.

How to dye a leather that is dry?

To dye dry leather, we recommend: first cleaning and moisturizing with the colorless Tarrago Balm. You can repeat the operation if you notice that the leather is still very dry. Then apply the Tarrago self-shine color dye double with the desired color and follow the step for dyeing. Use Tarrago Balm regularly to maintain.

Does the Tarrago Color Dye work on dark leathers towards light colors?

Yes, this product has been designed to dye on leather and smooth leather. (not on leathers with hairs) The important thing before applying is knowing the quality of the leather. Based on this, you will need more or less layers so that the color fits you evenly.

If you want to change from black to white, the process of stripping should be very well worked. (with the Tarrago Conditioner or the Preparer that comes within the Double Color Dye presentation). If the base is still dark, the final color will be a darker shade. So, the choice of color must also be selected thinking about it.

What is the best way to apply a finisher?

To apply a finisher, we recommend using a small amount of product with a soft sponge – not with a brush. The finisher will always be optimal if an airbrush is used.

Is it advisable to dilute the Tarrago Color Dye?
The Tarrago Color Dye is a dye that is not usually diluted. However, sometimes it can be done, especially if you want to dye the canvas. To do this you can do it with the Tarrago Color Dye Neutral Base.
Can I mix the "color dye" and the "quick color" to get new colors?
The Tarrago self-shine color dye and the Tarrago quick color have different formulations. Its main difference is that the Quick Color is a repair dye. Therefore, we do not recommend mixing these two dyes, because it can coagulate and lose stability.
How to get the dye does not fade, or transfer the color to the clothes?
If you are looking to dye any garment other than shoes, such as bags, jackets or belts, we recommend using only the Tarrago Color Dye.
To seal it and have a better result resistant to friction and cracks use Tarrago Water Based Lacquer depending on the finish you want to give it. This works as a protective coating and softens the touch of leather. It sets the color and favors its impermeability.
Can I use Tarrago Shoe Polish right after Tarrago Color Dye dries or will it ruin the dye?
Definitely yes, you can use the Tarrago Shoe Polish after having dyed your shoes with Color Dye. As long as you want a much brighter finish. They are complementary products and you can protect it.
Which is the best way to clean a paint brush after using it to apply the water-based lacquer?
For an efficient cleaning of your paintbrush, you can use white spirit of any other solvent.

Suede and Nubuck

How to clean suede or nubuck?
For a superficial cleaning of the suede and nubuck, or visible stains we recommend using Tarrago Block. For a deep cleaning, we recommend the Tarrago Suede Cleaner -do not be afraid to wet the surface, it is completely safe-. If a dry cleaning is desired, the best option is the Tarrago Dry Cleaner.
How can I recover the color of the suede worn by time?

To recover the color of the “suede” there are two options: Renew the color or completely dye the suede. To recover the color there is the Tarrago Suede Renovator Spray and the Tarrago Suede Color in autoapplicador. But if it is necessary to completely dye, you will have to use the Tarrago Suede Dye.

High-Tech Membranes

Can you use the Dubbin on Gore-tex products without destroying the membrane?
Yes, you can use this product without destroying the membranes, because the dubbin will hydrate the surface of the leather, it will not penetrate to the membrane. However, we recommend that you replace the dubbin with the Nano Leather Wax and avoid any obstruction due to excess product.
How long does the hydrophobic effect last?
The durability of the hydrophobic effect is a function of its use. They are products that need to be applied regularly, because the footwear suffers bending and rubbing, so it is losing its effectiveness.
Can I renew the color of a gore-tex boots without losing its breathability?
We recommend the Tarrago Nano Nubuck Renovator; which will revitalize and fix the original color of your boots. This product is formulated with nanotechnology and will maintain the breathability and impermeability of the garments.

Motorcycle Garments

How can I care of the Enduro Leather Boots?

You have to follow the next steps:

  • First, clean your boots with our Tarrago Shampoo (it is a dry foam that does not alter the natural breathability of the leather).
  • Next, you must nourish the boots with Tarrago Nano Cream (a balm cleanser, nutrient and waterproofing, recommended for smooth leathers treated with high technology.).
  • Finally, if you want to protect your boots you can waterproof them with the Tarrago Nano Protector (a spray based on Nanotechnology).

Oil Tanned Leather

How to clean and protect Panama Jack boots?

Panama Jack Boots are usually Napa leather, oiled leather or nubuck leather. In any case, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Cleaning: Tarrago Shampoo if you like dry foam or Tarrago Oil-Tanned Leather which is a self-applicator of a soapy solution.
  2. Let the boots dry naturally.
  3. To hydrate and protect the Gore-Tex layer use the Tarrago Oil Nano Protector.
How to shine oil leather loafers?

We recommend using Tarrago Mink Oil, as it contains natural waxes such as carnauba and beeswax that will give it the shine you are looking for, in addition to the nourishing and waterproofing power characteristic of oiled leathers. Let dry naturally without exposing the footwear to sunlight or heat sources. If the oil-leather has deteriorated over time or has lost its color, apply Tarrago Natural Leather Cream – colorless a very small amount and evenly throughout the leather.

Keep in mind that the leather may darken.


Will the Sneakers Expander decrease the quality of my leather?

There is no way that the Tarrago Sneakers Expender decreases the quality of the leather. It is specially designed to relax the shoe leather fibers, allowing the shoe to adapt to the foot shape, helping to remove pressure areas and preventing pain and frictions. This way you will not feel pain by chafing when walking.

Will the sneakers still be able to breathe after applying Tarrago products?
Yes. None of the Tarrago products will affect your sneakers breathability.
Is Tarrago Protector dangerous for me or the environment?
No, Tarrago Sneakers Protector is in accordance with the updated legislation on health, safety and environment.
Why can't I put my leather sneakers in the washing machine?

We do not recommend in general putting the sneakers in the washing machine, because it can wear the glue. They can also deform, especially those that have thermofusion pieces, or swell the foam. And although in the end you can see them very clean, due to all the humidity they receive you can create an environment for fungi and cause a bad smell.