Quality Policy

TARRAGO BRANDS INTERNATIONAL, S.L. is a multinational company leader in developing and manufacturing products for the care and cleaning of footwear and all kind of accessories; committed to achieving constant satisfaction of customers, suppliers and workers; as well as continuous improvement of productive processes and work procedures, focused on innovation and quality and respecting human resources and environment.

TARRAGO BRANDS INTERNATIONAL, S.L. has implemented a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2015 standards, which is committed to maintain and improve by acting with the following guidelines:The fulfillment of legislation in the development of his activities, as any other requirement of his clients.

1- The fulfillment of legislation in the development of his activities, as any other requirement of his clients.

2- Selection of personnel, suppliers and subcontractors according to the quality principles and the requirements of each client and project.

3- Commitment to customer satisfaction.

4- The maintenance of communication channels with customers used to identify their current and future requirements, with the aim of guarantee their satisfaction regarding to the compliance of their expectations.

5- Compliance with the requirements and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System through the implementation of measurement systems and the monitoring of the services provided to our customers as well as the objectives of the system.

6- Detection and periodic evaluation of risks and opportunities, especially those related to the stakeholders.

7- The training and awareness of all those involved in our process, in order to improve it and encourage participatory management in the quality system.

8- Commitment of information to stakeholders.

9- The Management is committed to providing the necessary resources to achieve the objectives of the system, its effectiveness, its efficiency and continuous improvement.

At Manresa, on 25th of April of 2019



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