Sneakers Rescue

Cream enriched with avocado oil. Cleans, protects, prepares, shines and conditions. Suitable for: smooth leather, vinyl and patent leather. It does not affect perspiration. Prevents water spots and leather chaps.

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Patent Leather

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Gives Shine

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Avocado Oil

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Tarrago Sneakers Rescue Conditioner is a cream enriched with avocado oil.

Its exclusive formula cleans, protects, conditions, provides shining and nourishes thanks to its content in avocado oil. This oil has a high nourishing power which will function as a protector of the skin helping to regenerate its look.

It does not affect perspiration.

– Pum Spray 0% gas.

– Aluminum Bottle 125ml/4,40 fl.oz

– Colorless.

– Finish smooth.

– Prevents water spots and leather chaps.

1 – Remove surface dust.

2 – Shake container.

3 – Apply with a cloth a small amount of cream and spread it evenly.

4 – Allow to dry.

5 – Rub with a cloth for shine.

*Not suitable for synthetic leather, suede, nubuck or nappa.

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