Sneakers Paint – Photochromic Colors

Tarrago Sneakers Paint Photochromic is the only paint with a water-based photochromatic effect specially formulated to customize your smooth leather, synthetic leather or canvas sneakers.

950 - Photochromic Yellow950 - Photochromic Yellow951 - Photochromic Violet951 - Photochromic Violet


Tarrago Sneakers Paint Photochromic color is the only paint with a water-based photochromatic effect specially formulated to customize your smooth leather, synthetic leather or canvas sneakers.

Thanks to its formulation, with photochromatic properties, these colors have a reversible effect. In a situation without direct sunlight the paint will be almost transparent, but as soon as it comes into contact with sunlight or UV light, it will turn into the color applied.
After different studies in our laboratory we can conclude that it has a resistance to wet/dry friction and flexions preventing the dye from cracking and keeping the customize in perfect conditions.

  • It has a high endurance and a perfect finish.
  • The box contains a 25ml. / 0.9 fl. oz. color bottle, a paint brush, an applicator sponge and a dossing cap.





Gives color

Product data sheet 25ml

Safety data sheet

There is a wide range of colors and are divided in these following groups:

Color Chart

TNC01 Standard Colors

TNC02 Metallic Colors

TNC03 Mixing Colors

TNC04 Pastel Colors

TNC07 Glitter Colors

TNC08 Fluorescent Colors

TNC09 Collector Colors

TNC10 Glow in the Dark

TNC11 Photochromic Colors

How to use

1. Clean the sneakers with the Sneakers Cleaner using the Sneakers Brush or the Tarrago Shoe Duster. For best dyeing results, use the Tarrago Conditioner.

2. Before painting, stir the content with the brush enclosed, until a homogeneous color is obtained.

3. Customize your Kicks:

3.1. Use the Sponge included to cover larger surfaces. With the semi-wringing Paint brush, paint one corner of the sponge and gently rub over with circular moves on the Sneakers.

3.2. Use the Paint Brush included for small details or customization.

3.3. Use an Airbrush. Use the neutral base (50% neutral base and 50% Photochromic Paint), to dilute the paint and maintain its properties.

​It is better to apply three layers. After drying the first layer of paint (1 hour), apply a second layer, repeating the operation to match the entire color. To accelerate the dyeing process between layers, use a hair dryer with caution (30 cm. minimum distance). Apply the paint to the white surface. If the surface is not white apply the Sneakers Paint nº 1 (white color) previously.

4. For optimum drying, let it dry for 12 hours.

5. Once the process is finished, wash the Sponge, the Paint Brush or the Airbrush with water to prevent them from drying out.


For a better result use an ultraviolet flashlight to see outline paint.

When the paint is dry to improve the resistance, we recommend to use the Sneaker Paint Neutral Base.

When sneakers don’t come into contact with sunlight the effect of the paint lasts between 5 and 20 minutes and the paint will become almost transparent.

Get your color

Tarrago Sneakers Paint Photochromic colors can’t be mixed between them.

If you want to mixed regular colors use: Tarrago Sneakers Paint Mixing Colors.